National Savings Schemes (NSS) have a helpful account called the Pensioner's Scheme. But it is restricted to ex-government pensioners only. Private pensioners, widows and senior citizens of other persuasions are expressly excluded from it. This is most unfair. Indeed it appears the bureaucracy that designs NSS schemes is only helping themselves when they retire. Such unfairness to the majority of senior citizens is deplorable. All widows and senior citizens should be included in this scheme. The Behbood Account is for widows and senior citizens, but ex-government employees can invest in it despite having the Pensioner's Scheme as well. That means they can invest twice as much as other widows and senior citizens. It is high time this biased anomaly is set right. Perhaps the best way to do this is to merge the Pensioner's and Behbood accounts and allow all widows and senior citizens to invest amounts up to six million or less. -MRS SAJEELA NIAZ, Lahore, March 26.