The attack on police training academy at Manawan exposes the serious security lapses that are the norm in Pakistan. The greed of real estate mafia, that infects some of our civil and military security agencies, has further aggravated the security threat at sensitive places due to development of housing schemes in the close vicinity of airports and other police, military and paramilitary installations. These security locations are generally situated in areas far away from city. Our major airports have witnessed a great housing boom that is mushroomed around their very periphery. Such breaches of security assumed alarming proportions in the eight years dictatorial rule of Musharraf. Within years of construction of a new terminal of the Lahore International Airport, we have seen construction of houses right next to the fence adjacent to the runway. The basic idea of cantonments, militarised zones located out of reach of the ordinary folks stands defeated when the land allotted by state for cantonments is converted into housing colonies to make money for real estate mafia masquerading as civil or uniformed officers of the state. If the Manawan Police Academy was located, as it was originally designed to be, in a place far away from the civil population, these intruders disguised in police uniform could have been prevented from mounting this embarrassing assault on our national security. -M. TARIQ ALI, Lahore, via e-mail, March 30.