LAHORE - Naseer Abad police have refused to register a case against the incharge chowki police, South Cantt and some police officials of Tiger Squad for thrashing and torturing three PML-N workers. Residents of Gul Bahar Colony, Walton, Sajid Ali, Sabi and Muhammad Irfan, president Main Bazar, were allegedly subjected to severe torture by the police officials of Tiger Squad and the Incharge police Chowki Nawaz Siyal for not involving the local police in a dispute between two youngsters. The victims had resolved the dispute between the youngsters by involving their elders. The police officials got infuriated when they came to know that the matter has been resolved before their arrival. They first tortured the PML-N workers publicly in the presence of their family members and scores of other area people, bundled them into the police van and later took them to the Factory Area police station where they again treated them in same fashion, leaving a question mark upon the performance of the police high ups who had vowed several times to 'introduce the City police as public friendly force. The police officials act was widely condemned by not only the area people but also local PML (N) MPA Yasin Sohal who later held strong protest demonstration against the police aggression and blocked the main Cavalry Road for traffic three days back when the incident occurred. Some three hundred local people gathered on the road and continued protest for hours. The MPA also took up the issue with the SP Cantt and informed him that the Incharge police chowki, South Cantt took the PML-N workers to the Factory Area police station despite the fact that the incident had occurred in the jurisdiction of the Naseer Abad police. He further informed the SP that the PML-N workers reconciled a minor dispute between two youngsters of the area who scuffled over a petty issue. The SP Cantt and other senior police officers assured the protestors and the MPA that a case would be registered against the responsible police officials without discrimination. On Friday, scores of area people and the affectees again gathered in front of the Model Town residence of PML (N) leader Mian Shahbaz Sharif. The Incharge Complaint Cell at the residence of Mian Shahbaz Sharif taking serious notice on the incident, directed the DSP Model Town to redress the complaint of the victims and the protestors but to no avail as the police officers were reluctant to register FIR against influential police official Incharge police chowki, South Cantt.