LAHORE - Pakistan got first defeat on the 31st Kings Cup International Boxing Tournament when Rashid Fateh lost to a Russian boxer in th e48 kgs weight category. The tournament began Saturday in Bangkok, Thailand and Pakistan will have its second bout today (Sunday). On the opening day, Russian boxer Alexander Samoylov beat Pakistan's Rashid Fateh in the 48kgs weight category on points 22-13 while Abdul Waheed will be seen in action today in the 51 kgs fight. Before that the bouts began an opening ceremony was held. Governer of Bangkok declared the event open which is being participated by 16 countries including Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, China, Philippines, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Australia, the Netherlands, Singapore, Syria, Korea and some others. In all 71 boxers will e playing in 82 bouts. The Pakistan team comprised four boxers which are Rashid Fateh, Abdul Waheed, Muhammad Waseem, and Qadir Khan.