LAHORE - Ex-foreign secretary Shamshad Ahmad Khan has said Pakistan is being encircled and US President Barak Obama is pursuing the policies of Bush. The dangers to Pakistan are because of its leaders who preferred their vested interests to national interest and now time has come for the people to stage a long march against rulers, he said. He was addressing a special sitting on Obamas new strategy on war on terror and Pakistans fears and dangers organised by Nazria Pakistan Trust in collaboration with Tehrik-e-Pakistan Workers Trust at Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan on Saturday. Chairman NPT and Editor-in-Chief The Nation Majid Nizami also attended the sitting among others. Shamshad said he had seen formation and disintegration of Pakistan and now viewing scattering of Pakistan. He said US think tanks think about their interests and prepare road maps of their development. He said we were failed to develop Pakistan as envisioned by the Quaid and Allama Iqbal. Our rulers deceived the nation by false claims. He said foreign policies usually ensure national interest, self-respect, integrity and honour but our foreign policies never reflected these ideals. He said instead of blaming others, we should consider ourselves. Our problem is neither US nor India but our rulers. We should think why America is pushing us to dangers. America has brought bad name to jehad while it is part of our faith. America hijacked our Islam and jehad to dismantle Soviet Union but we were given klashinkov culture, he told. He said there was no terrorism in Pakistan before 9/11. An individual gave US what it did not expect on a phone call. Musharraf received 12 billion dollars from America which were never spent on public welfare. There was no audit of this amount as the money came in jute bags. He said Friends of Pakistan would look after their own interests. He said in spite of adoption of resolutions by Parliament, US is doing what it wanted. Obama had said Bushs policies were failure. Obama indicated to solve Kashmir dispute to end terrorism but Mumbai attack diverted his attention and thus India remained successful in putting Kashmir on the back burner. Flogging of a girl in Swat is a conspiracy against Islam, he added. Brig (r) Hamid Saeed presented a report of an American Think Tanks recommendations for American rulers to soften relations with Muslim world. He said we should reject 1.5 billion dollars aid and demand five billion dollars, which is our annual loss in war against terror. An APC should evolve a strategy. American should go out of Afghanistan and Drone aircrafts be given to Pakistan. Ex- LHC Bar president Khawaja Ahmad Awais said that Obamas new policy Afpak is never in the interests of Pakistan. Dr MA Soofi said Drone attacks on Balochistan aimed at dismantling Gwadur Port. Brig (r) Farooq Hamid Khan said that India has succeeded in bringing heavy arms on Pak/Afghan border in the garb of construction companies owned by India in Afghanistan. It is building an airbase in Kabul and Begram. Brig (r) Zafar Iqbal said that another long march be staged to expel American from Pakistan and stop drone attacks. Fatima Bari, Ch Mohammad Ramzan, Mukhtar Butt, Nazim Ravi Town and Syeda Irfana also addressed.