MINGORA - In the wake of growing resentment over flogging of the young girl in public, the Taliban militants have taken another turn, when their spokesman Muslim Khan on Saturday termed the visual as fake. Soon after making public the visual, the Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan contradicted the involvement of Taliban in such an inhuman punishment. But later in special interviews with several radio and TV channels, Muslim Khan not only confirmed such act on the part of TTP, Swat Chapter, but also defended it terming the same to be in accordance with the Islamic injunctions. Talking to media in Dakorak village near Charbagh town of Swat district, Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan termed the visual pertaining to flogging of the girl as fake, saying Certain elements are bent upon sabotaging the peace agreement in Swat. He also dubbed such visuals as a part of conspiracies being hatched against the Taliban. The TTP Swat spokesman on this occasion paraded four teenaged boys before media, who claimed flogging the woman in a village of Kabal Tehsil. All the four boys were part of Taliban militants. However, Muslim Khan contradicted the reports regarding the age of the victim and said, She is not 17 but 34 years old, who according to him was involved in illegitimate relations with her father-in-law. While the media reports reveal that the girl was charged for meeting a young boy, who was also flogged. Muslim Khan also claimed that the woman was not put on ground and flogged through backside but she was punished with flogging in standing position. He said that such visuals seemed to be fake and mock, with aim of sabotaging the peace process in Swat. Referring to the suo motu notice by the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Muslim Khan said that this notice was not against them but against those who had made what he claimed fake visuals. He said that the Chief Justice of Pakistan must take similar notice of killing of innocent people in Swat, tribal regions and other places at the hands of the security forces. Muslim Khan said they had no other objective except the enforcement of Islamic Shariah. In this respect, he expressed satisfaction with the steps being initiated by the NWFP Govt. He said that now Qazi Courts resumed functions and this could help them in getting easy and early justice.