The ailing country needs drastic measures taken by the caretaker governing body to bring it back on track. It has been seen in the past that the caretakers have taken steps to improve the country in few a days; I wish that we could get rulers who are imbued with this spirit. Having not seen that, it is hoped that various govt. functionaries, including the ECP, who are determined to hold free, fair, and transparent elections in May this year will help achieve this. No doubt, it is a welcome intent on their part as new, competent, educated men of integrity would join the law-making bodies but the people expect still more from the caretaker setup from PM to CMs.

For instance, the pending verdicts of the higher courts need to be immediately implemented, and seen being implemented by the nation. Departments and institutions headed by politicised blue-eyed public officers should be cleansed and instead apolitical figures be appointed so that decisions are taken on merit. An ordinance, if constitutionally permissible, should be issued for the establishment of a regulatory body for regulating the affairs of private educational institutions. Drastic decisions should be taken, for the smooth running of govt. affairs by the next elected representatives.


Charsadda, March 31.