There are reports that the American forces are deployed in more than 150 countries and have more than 1000 bases outside of USA. It is spending around $22.1billion annually to meet its military expenditure outside its territories. American fleets, twelve in number, have surrounded the world. More than 15 million innocent people were killed by Americans since 1945. This figure does not include the deaths during World War I and II, except those in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Americans, Australians and Europeans combined spend $135 billion on cosmetics every year.

There are around 870 million hungry people in the world and the cost of feeding them annually is only $40 billion. World hunger can be extinguished, if each person, from these developed countries contributes a small amount annually. FAO states that it would require $44 billion annually to put an end to world hunger. According to UNDP, illiteracy from the world can be wiped out spending $6 billion annually. Figures discussed above give a clear picture and portray the truth about the advocates of ‘Human Rights’. World can be made a safe heaven, its hunger can be eradicated, if USA calls back it forces and fleets, if expenditure on cosmetics, drugs and alcohol is shifted to alleviate poverty and provide education. But why should they, when they can control these nations by giving them aid in their ‘begging bowls’ and also control them?


Jhang, April l1.