KABUL- Afghan Taliban say they do not recognize the democratic system and have made many sacrifices for the establishment of an

Islamic government and free the country from foreign occupation.

In an interview with BBC, about Afghanistan's presidential and provincial council elections, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid rejected them and said that the Taliban have the right to liberate their country and should implement the Islamic system. Mujahid said that those who have attended election rallies do not understand political affairs and cities are living under the umbrella of the enemy. The Taliban spokesman said that the majority of people who are engaged in Jehad day and night by offering their blood, soul and money have the right to decide the actual Islamic principles and select the system for the country. Mujahid said the presence of foreign troops in the polls and vote would mean

nothing because the money and the plots have deceived millions of people. He said this does not mean that the Taliban, who in the past 13 years defeated the world's greatest fighting force have lost.