The first ever mobile court in Pakistan has started functioning in Peshawar by hearing case, after it was formally inaugurated by Peshawar High Court (PHC) Chief Justice Dost Muhammad Khan. The mobile court aims at providing speedy justice to the people at their doorsteps, who usually have to face hurdles and long waits to get any justice. This court will keep moving in different parts of the province to provide justice by hearing cases of petty nature and give instant decisions for resolution of disputes.

With the introduction of this service, the citizens, living in far flung areas, would not have to travel all the way to the city, as these mobile courts would settle disputes on the spot by reaching their remote villages. The mobile courts would make frequent visits to rural areas as more than 50 percent cases come from there. The establishment of the mobile courts would certainly help reduce traffic burden, use of resources, pollution in the city and load on courts in Peshawar.

Many legal experts believe that these courts would be helpful, especially, in those areas of Sindh where regular courts were situated in district and Tehsil headquarters far from villages. I urge the Chief Justice of Sindh to establishing mobile courts in the province to help the people get swift justice. These would also reduce the pending cases which are lying in the district courts of Karachi. The people of Sindh would be grateful to PPP government to do something to help the down trodden people of Sindh.


Shikarpur, April 1.