I am a doctor living in Lahore and have been participating enthusiastically and eagerly in the National Polio Eradication Campaign. Since I joined the program, I have to visit MCB, to receiving a certain amount, that the World Health Organization (WHO) gives to the workers as an incentive. Unfortunately, all polio workers who come to get the WHO for payment are asked to wait for hours unnecessarily. Moreover, most of the time, they are treated as a nuisance, as the sum they receive is paltry, from Rs.1100 to Rs.12,000. A bank does not have any right to mistreat any customer, whosoever he/she may be .

I would like to request the staff of MCB to not misbehave with these volunteers as they are doing a great service to the nation and do not deserve such attitude from any bank employee.


Lahore, April 1.