KARACHI -  In compliance with instructions of Supreme Court of Pakistan, PIA has been vigorously pursuing the issue of credentials verifications of its employees.

This gigantic task of verification of credentials of around 16,000 employees was taken up by PIA’s Human Resource Administration Department six months ago (since October, 2013). The verification process is going on in a very transparent manner across the board encompassing all categories and groups of employees without any discrimination. So far more than 3,000 degrees have been dispatched to concerned educational institutions (Universities and Boards) for the verifications, whereas, dispatch process of remaining 3,000 degrees will be completed by mid of April. Up till now verification of now more than 6,000 degrees have been received and out of which 350 degrees were found fake.

As per instructions of Supreme Court’s instructions a prompt action was taken against the fake degree holders according to Corporation’s Rules and Regulations. In the light of these actions services of 300 employees have been terminated whereas remaining 50 cases are subjudice and Courts’ decisions are waited for further action.  It is worthy to be mentioned that PIA has expedited the task of verification, however, appropriate action can only be initiated once the replies from concerned University or Board is received.