KARACHI - In a bid to find the technique to bring durable peace in Lyari, Senator and central leader of National Party, Hasil Khan Bizenjo calls for All Parties Conference to gear up efforts of restoring peace to Lyari.

He made this announcement during the Lyari Peace Conference organised by the NP at Qaseer-e-Naz here on Friday.

The NP leader said they had invited the journalists, lawyers, political personalities and residents of Lyari including youth and senior citizens to discuss the issue of the area. “We all are aware with the issue and Lyari is not in Fata but a part of the country’s largest and developed city where all the security forces were present including Rangers and police but it is unfortunate that criminal gangs were using rocket launchers and other heavy weapons freely in the area,” he added.

It has been observed during the several years that violence erupts in Lyari after the break of every three to four months. The disordered situation in Lyari has forced the residents to migrate, he added.  He called the participants to give their suggestions that would help the party to formulate a policy to gear up the efforts for bringing ever-lasting peace in Lyari.

During the suggestion session, the participants held Pakistan People Party (PPP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) responsible for anarchic situation of Lyari. They said the PPP patronised the criminal gangs to counter the base camps’ areas of the MQM and engaged the residents especially the youth in criminal activities.

Initially the youth was engaged in the criminal activities as the unemployed persons were given Rs5,000 to run the drugs activities in the area while the other were hired on more money to carry on the extortions and other criminal activities, they added.

Terming Lyari the mother of port city, they said the area has played pivotal role in the political scenario of the country and gave birth to the nationalist parties but those nationalist leaders have forgotten their people and remained away from resolving the issues.

They alleged that the LEAs including Rangers and police are part of the game. They said the NP should build up pressure on the Sindh government and the LEAs to eliminate crime. The civil society and other organisations should provide a safe path to work and bring back life in Lyari.

They suggested the NP to organise a ‘Peace March’ and take the locals of the areas in confidence to shrug off fear from the residents. It further suggested establishing a Peace Committee comprising on the true leadership of the people which work as a fact and finding committee to devise a strategy for permanent solution of the area.

Parveen Naz, a resident of Lyari, said there was a need of the political determination and bringing the leadership from the grass root level. She said the development of the locality was also in miserable condition which should be kept on priority and lastly the schooling and educational activities should be restored as during the gang war the educational system had been destroyed.

Elahi Bux said the Peace Committee should also work for re-habitation of the dispersed people of Lyari. “I appreciate one day effort drive of NP but this would not bring peace in Lyari if NP is serious in resolving the issue then the drive should continue without any break and similar conference should be organised in Lyari on weekly basis,” he said.

Talking to media men, Bizanjo said the party wanot against any political force working in Karachi. “Our agenda is peace and leadership of the party will knock all doors for bringing back peace in the City especially Lyari.  

To a question, he said they had called for the APC over Lyari and the party will contact all the political forces to discuss and devise a peace strategy.

The Baloch nationalist leader said the people of Lyari were deprived of the basic human rights as well as the basic necessities of drinking water, education, health and municipal facilities for over two decades. He blamed that Lyari has been fallen victim of the atrocities and anti-people policies of the establishment, PPP and the LEAs for decades. With continuous lawlessness and terrorism, thousands of people have been migrated from Lyari besides the businesses and educational activities have also destroyed in the area.

It is pertinent to mention here in March, Senator Bizanjo, during a press conference at the KPC, held the Sindh government responsible for the lawlessness and terrorism in Lyari. He criticised the Sindhi nationalist leader Ayaz Palijo over his mediatory role for brokering the deal of ceasefire between the two warring gangs of Lyari. He further announced that NP would play his role in restoring peace to Lyari and creating a crime free area.