Lahore - Strongly condemning the desecration of holy shrines in Syria besides threats to some custodians of Pakistani shrines by extremist elements, the religious parties demanded of the government to provide security to shrines and bring criminals to justice here on Friday.

The prayer leaders also demanded of the government to lodge strong protest against the Syrian government and Arab world’s Ambassadors against the desecration of shrines and demand them to take effective measures for protection holy shrines in the troubled Middle East.  On the appeal of Jamiat Ulema Pakistan (JUP), religious leaders and custodians of shrines in their Friday sermons and in special meetings,made strong protests against government’s silence over the desecration of holy shrines of Sahaba Karam (RA) in Syria.

The appeal for the protest day was made by a conference of leading custodians of shrines in the country a couple of days ago, and also threatened to constitute a youth force to provide security to the shrines.

The parties also announced announced to take out a protest rally on April 12 from Data Darbar to GPO Chowk to protest against the increasing terrorism and threats against the shrines across the country.