Pakistanis seem to be crazy about cricket, even though our official national game is Hockey. There is more passion displayed during cricket matches. There is frenzy on the streets and discussions on not only talk shows, but in work places, houses, tea shops and in markets regarding the game. Whenever our cricket team wins, the nation celebrates and congratulates each other, but when we lose a match they suddenly become pariahs. The Pakistani nation can’t tolerate defeat. Why do we have such extreme behaviour? We should keep in mind whether we have even given our team the facilities required to become the best team in the world.

Are we trying our level best to give them confidence? Is our team playing matches at international venues? Are we promoting grass roots level cricket in our country? Are we providing our players financial support to the extent that persuades them to put themselves on the line for the game? Has our team played any matches on home ground since 2009? I think before making any opinion about the team and the game, we should address the above issues.


Karachi, April 2.