LAHORE - Levelling allegations of corruption, Consumer Protection Society has demanded initiation of proceedings against Director (QA&LT) of Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan after his removal from the service.

In letters written to President, Prime Minister and heads of various institutions, COPS alleged that Abdul Qadir Javed Iqbal, a BPS-18 officer working on deputation in DRAP on BPS-20 seat, owned huge plaza worth Rs 2 billion in the most expensive area of Islamabad G-6 Markaz.

“He cannot reasonably justify holding such property disproportionate to his known sources of income. He has style of living beyond his ostensible means and has persistent reputation of being corrupt,” COPS alleged.

“Abdul Qadir Javed Iqbal owns a house No 26, St No 13, F-7/2, Islamabad. The value of house is over Rs 150 million. In addition, he is running a business of therapeutic goods M/s Islamabad Drug House (HP-I), Ali Medical Center, F-8, Markaz, Islamabad. In documents the name of owner is Haris Bin Javed, his son,” COPS stated.

This is violation of section 18 of DDRAP Act 2012, which is: “Conflict of Interest.-(1) No person shall be appointed as CEO, Director, consultant, advisor, officer or employee of the Authority if he or she has any financial or professional conflict of interest. (2) No person shall be member of the Board or Director if he has immediate family members (parent, child, sibling or spouse) as senior officials or owners of concerns dealing in therapeutic goods.”

COPS demanded removal of Abdul Qadir Javed Iqbal from the service, initiation of proceedings, recovering salaries and confiscation of entire property and therapeutic goods businesses.