I am making an appeal for suo moto action to restrain the Government of Pakistan; against becoming an ally of Saudi Arabia led military coalition. The Government of Pakistan has formally announced its decision to protect the territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia. I believe that an act of war begins not when you send your first soldier but when you commit to becoming an ally. As a citizen, I consider Pakistan’s decision to get involved will yield long term disastrous consequences.

The Saudi state, Saudi rulers and the Holy places of Mecca and Medina are three completely different identities, often lumped together to create a favourable impression. The Saudi-Yemen conflict has serious sectarian connotations and Pakistan is already suffering from this curse. Shia and other minorities in Pakistan are being regularly targeted and our participation will not only exacerbate the domestic conflict but also draw an inviolable wedge between Pakistan and Iran.

We all believe that Saudi Arabia has been funding the seminaries and other proxy activities, that have added to the sectarian strife in Pakistan and now to send our forces to defend the integrity of someone who has actively worked against our own integrity, is beyond reason. Finally Pakistan’s first and only obligation is to defend its own integrity and Pakistan has failed to exonerate itself in this primary responsibility.


Lahore, March 31.