Climate change is a worldwide phenomenon which has brought disastrous consequences and immense financial losses and substantial decrease in GDP. In a seminar organized by Institution of Engineers Pakistan (IEP) at Islamabad recently, the environmental experts have warned that the country could have to face disastrous climate effects if greenhouse gas (GHG) emission is not timely controlled. A large number of professionals and environmental experts attended the seminar. The experts called for taking timely pre-emptive measures at government’s level to check GHG emission.

GHG inventories carried out in Pakistan in 1994, 2008 and 2012 reveals that there was multiple increase in GHG emission in the country which resulted in temperature rise. The country could overcome the challenges of global warming by adopting suitable measures like boiler and furnace energy efficiency improvement, adopting renewable energy resources using nuclear technologies for electricity generation and moving towards wind, solar and clean coal technology.


Peshawar, March 7.