“Jammu and Kashmir is more a part of Pakistan than it can ever be with India, with all her eloquence and all her extravagance with words. Jammu and Kashmir is part of Pakistan, in blood, in flesh, in culture, in history, in geography. In every way and in every form.”

–Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, 1971.

As Pakistanis scattered all over the world celebrate the death anniversary of Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto today, we pay tribute to the immensely popular, strong democratic leader who was never afraid to speak his mind no matter the time, place or company. He is well known in history for being extremely vocal about not only the Kashmir issue - as our leaders have subsequently failed to do after his death, leading to the prolonged suffering of the Kashmiri people – but about everything that mattered to him including the influence exercised by world powers and the issue of granting East Pakistan autonomy, leading to the 1971 war. While no leader is perfect and history teaches us that everyone makes mistakes in their lifetime, Mr. Bhutto’s legacy continues today as strong as the day he was executed by General Zia. He taught the Pakistani nation what it means to choose the people who rule them and make their life decisions for them and though we might not exercise our political rights still, we are ever grateful to him for his passion and dedication to the democratic process.