Despite the stiffest opposition from virtually every known quarter of the American political system Donald Trump still won at least seven states, out of the possible 11 states that were contested between the Republicans on 1st February Super Tuesday. It was really mind boggling to see that it wasn’t quite that Trump swept as a few analysts thought he might, to what the Washington Post describes as a string of victories unprecedented in the history of modern GOP primaries. Trump again won in the major primaries on the elections held between the nominees of the two major political parties of the US on the 2nd Super Tuesday as well as the heart of the elections that were held in March of the current year thus taking thee entire electoral batch of the Florida nominees, bringing the 99 delegates to the convention of the Republicans in July this year.

As such, Trump has a nearly unsurpassable number of delegates to the convention for the July convention in Cleveland. The success achieved by Trump in this year’s nomination is thus really unsurpassed in contemporary history of such elections; in Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Nevada, Virginia, and South Carolina—until now. Even Ronald Reagan failed to win Massachusetts in 1980, while more recent candidates who went on to become the nominees struggled in the South.

This was followed in the second Super Tuesday on the 8th of March when Trump again won in three of the four states that saw him win in Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii. In other Super Tuesday developments also, pundits and the Western media giants were greatly surprised to see that despite all kinds of pressure, indeed from the hierarchy of the GOP itself, Trump still managed to win handsomely.

This totality of pressures, some even to be considered as being possibly un-constitutional, included him coming on national TV. His speech was against the front runner of the GOP itself while Mitt Romney, the previous presidential nominee of the party in 2012, spoke with much venom to tell the electorate of the dangers of voting for Trump.

This was a strange move to come from the virtual head of the political party against the clear front runner of that party in the national elections scheduled for November this year. Besides his kind of brazen pressure, all the leading media houses of the US are full of details of the counter offensive launched by the GOP leadership itself which now occupies the most important element of this particular elections seen to take place in the US. Only this week on this Tuesday as well, another meeting of the thirty plus members of the US congress discussed these vey issues. The aim was to prevent Trump from getting before the Convention the magic figure of having 1237 electors, thus forcing on the Republican Party the idea of being represented at the conclusion by any person who could muster this level of political support in such a Convention.

How could this argument be itself supported is beyond my comprehension of the underlying theme of the US constitution. This world famous document is the proud initiator of democratic philosophy. The real American political system is well grounded in the idea that sovereignty in the legal and constitutional sense belongs to the ordinary American people and nobody else.

These undeniable American ground realities are too obvious to ignore and it is most disturbing for anyone who knows about such self-evident truths, the possibility that the millions of people who have not only swelled the ranks of Republican political Party but have to accept the wishes of the “handful of leaders” of the party who are otherwise considered to be the “establishment” of this party in the US? In the City of Philadelphia alone over 50,000 new Republican voters got themselves registered as “republican”. So the cry of the millions who have come to these elections is the basic truth of what actually happened in the county on account of Trump.

As such I feel satisfied in predicting that the voice of the millions who constitute the American nation will ultimately prevail in this political struggle. I further feel fortified in suggesting that the basic truth of this struggle may lead to severest political attacks on the establishment of this new presidency. I realise that this prognosis of mine runs counter to a number of things that Trump is said to have uttered without reservation or qualification, but I still hold on to my basic view about the outcome that is now well on it’s way to be implemented.

The writer is barrister at law (US and UK), senior advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and professor at Harvard University.