Are we such a happy nation, that we need something to talk about, something to rant about, and something to complain about? All our focus is now diverted to one word; ‘phateechar’. 

A word Mr Imran Khan, Chairman PTI, used in his private conversation was being continuously and unnecessarily glorified over the media for so many days. But seriously, if we come to think about it, is it even worth all the attention it is getting? Have all our issues and problems disappeared overnight that we have focused all our energies in glorifying one word? 

Please Pakistanis, wake up! So many soldiers are dying every day on our LoC, billions and trillions of dollars are being taken from our country through money laundering; people are dying of starvation in Thar every day; terrorism has become an invincible enemy; our homes, our cities are no longer safe and what are we worried about? The word phateechar? 

Please, it’s about time we wake up and smell the coffee, and realise that there are several other dire problems and issues in our country that need our attention, it’s about time we become the “Zinda Quom” we claim to be. 


Rawalpindi, March 21.