LAHORE - The buoyancy in domestic cement demand has been complemented by surging exports for the second month as cement exports from Pakistan increase by a whopping 85 percent in March.

According to the latest figures, released by the APCMA on Wednesday, the domestic consumption in March was 4.26 million tons out of which 3.543 million tons was consumed in the Northern part and 0.717 million tons was consumed in the Southern part of the country, reflecting a growth of 13.52 percent.

Cement exports surged to 0.392 million tons that was 85 percent higher than the exports during the corresponding period of last year.

The spokesman for APCMA has expressed hope that going forward the country would continue to post healthy growth in cement sector which is the only industry in Pakistan that has shown faith in Pakistan's economy and has continued to enhance its capacities.

He said that cement industry is among the highest contributors to the national exchequer over the last few years in 2016-17. Currently Federal excise duty on cement is Rs. 1,250 per ton i.e. Rs. 62.5 per bag. "We appeal the Government to reduce FED to Zero to reduce the per bag price of cement and encourage cement consumption which is affected by high taxation," he added.