LAHORE-Sajjad Tafu is a household name in Pakistan’s music industry. The brilliant guitarist has spent nearly 45 years in the showbiz industry and has composed music for more than 100 films.

His flawless guitar playing style and remarkable ability has made him one of the best Pakistani artistes. He has performed in the US, UK, Singapore, Norway, Sweden, Holland and Denmark. The credit of launching Pakistan’s first instrumental album likewise goes to Sajjad when he launched his first album “Sufi Saga”.

He has been honoured with Tamgha-i-Imtiaz that is the one of the highest civil awarded granted by the President of Pakistan. The former star today is facing financial issues and claims that there isn’t any government support.

Talking to his scribe, Sajjad Tafu said: “I have achieved a lot of respect in my life from my fans. I’m encountering an extremely troublesome time these days. The main wellspring of wage is couple of youngsters I’m instructing in Alhamra Arts Council. I request the government to help me financially so that I could fulfill my family needs. Music is the only source of my income; however, because of absence of work I’m confronting challenges to gain occupation.”

Remembering the golden time, Sajjad said: “Guitar was my obsession and I kept playing it as a teacher in Alhamra. We have not established a single music institution that is why music of today doesn’t have flavour of 90’s. I started my career at the age of 10 and played guitar with celebrated singers like Noor Jahan and Mehdi Hasan. I have composed the poetry of Sufi poets including Shah Hussain, Mian Muhammad Bukhsh, Khawaja Ghulam Farid, Waris Shah and Bulleh Shah.”