Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said today that it is the need to invest in human resource.

As speaking at the last day of the International Counter-Terrorism Forum in Islamabad, he said that its need of the hour to work towards sustainable development. 

He also said that Pakistan's success against the menace of terrorism is helping the country recognise its vision of democracy. 

He remarked that the entire nation stands united in the fight against terrorism.

Khawaja Asif said Pakistan has been a key victim of terrorism. Terrorists are trying to undermine our sovereignty and no country can ignore attacks on its territorial integrity.

He went on to say that our forces have offered unprecedented sacrifices to defend the motherland and they are ready to do more sacrifices for the country.

“The nation has an unwavering resolve to eliminate terrorism,” the minister said.

He asserted that democracy is essential for the country. “Democracy gives us freedom of expression as well as social and economic rights,” he said, adding that it is the democratic system which led to the drafting of Constitution. 

The minister also said, “We are committed to prime minister's vision of a democratic Pakistan.”