LAHORE - The country’s lawyers community Wednesday strongly condemned killings of innocent Kashmiris by Indian forces, urging the government to raise the issue with international community.

Pakistan Bar Council, Supreme Court Bar Association, Lahore High Court Bar Association and Lahore Bar Association said Indian’s terrorism in held Kashmir was blatant violation of human rights.

The lawyers’ leaders said Indian forces had been killings women and children for last many days and using them blind through the use of pallet guns – turning the whole valley into a hell. The lawyers said India could make them (Kashmiris) blind though the pellet guns but could not snatch the dreams of freedoms in their eyes.

“We lawyers are with the Kashmiri people and we’ll continue our struggle to support them,” said a lawyer while addressing a general housing meeting held at Lahore High Court Bar Association.  They said Kashmiris’ fight for freedom could not be subverted and their blood would not go waste.

However, the lawyers urged the government to raise voice seriously at international level and support the cause of Kashmir people fighting for freedom from Indian control. They also urged the international community and especially the organizations of human rights to resolve the issue of Kashmir.

“It must be resolved in the light of the resolutions of the United Nations,” a member of the bar said.

Pakistan Bar Council, the top regulatory body of the lawyers, announced to mark April 06 as a black-day to condemn Indian forces’ brutalities in Kashmir.  According to a statement issued yesterday evening, the council said they would protest against the human rights’ violation in -Kashmir. 

The council urged the human rights organizations all over the world to play their role to stop killings and human rights violation in Indian-held Kashmir.

“We’ll protest all over the country to condemn Indian forces’ attacks on innocent Kashmiris, said the statement.

The lawyers at Aiwan-i-Adle—the biggest bar of Punjab, gathered to express their solidarity with Kashmiri people and chanted slogans in their favour.

“We love those who love to die wearing Pakistan’s flag,” shouted a young lawyer Usman Ali at the bar premises, making reference to the Kashmir people who are buried with Pakistan’s flags.