SHARAQPUR:- A man along with his son was gunned down by their opponents during a panchayat here near Burj Attari on Wednesday. According to police sources, cattle head owned by the deceased identified as Muhammad Hussain and his son Qasim died allegedly due to poisoning. Both the father and son took up the issue in the local council (panchayat). Taking up the complaint, the panchayat convened on Wednesday to decide the issue. During proceedings of the panchayat, the opponents quarrelled with the complainant and fired gunshots on both the man and his son.

Resultantly, both the father and son died sustained critical wounds and died on the spot. Later, the bereaved family protested against the incident by placing the dead bodies on Lahore-Jaranwala Road, blocking the road for all kind of traffic.

The police officials reached the spot and negotiated with the protesters, assuring them of early arrest of the accused. Upon which the bereaved family end the protest.

The police have launched further investigation.