The people of Lahore have not learned any lessons, that it is they who must make the PML-N accountable. Today they are still drinking sewage water and eating donkey meat and voting for the 

PML-N happily! This is because of Shehbaz Sharif’s failure to give them anything better and their failure to expect anything better. Guttar ka pani, aur ghaday ka ghosht Lahoris ko mubarak ho! Aur vote do PML-N ko! (Translation: Sewer water [to drink] and donkey meat [to eat] Lahore citizens are most welcome to! And they are welcome to vote for the PML-N again!) In addition news has reached me from an Intelligence agency that 1 live cow from Pakistan, is being exchanged for 2 dead cows from India, i.e haram meat. 


USA, March 20.