It is quite appreciable that in line with modern technological developments , Pakistan Railways is going to provide WiFi facility at all its divisional level railway stations and in all passenger trains as hotspots will provide fast internet connectivity to passengers free of cost under its new digitization policy . 

According to the reports in the media, it is good to note that the introduction of WiFi in trains and at railway stations across the country is already underway and many trains have already been equipped with this modern facility. 

It is quite capable that while taking revolutionary measures for putting railways back on the rails and making it financially viable ,punctual and safe and secure journey across the country, Pakistan Railways has also been taking several other steps from time to time during the last couple of years including online ticketing, setting up of high-tech web gadgetry and tele-conferencing facility at all its divisional level railway stations, couple of years back Pakistan Railways started WiFi facility to one of its business-class train and now the same service is also working in Green Line Train, e-ticketing facility is appreciably quite successfully working with cooperation and collaboration of the private sector partners and now passengers are able to use credit or debit card as well as mobile banking for booking their tickets quite easily and comfortably. 

Maximum provision of facilities to the travelling passengers, restoring maximum punctuality in trains running, earning travelling passengers trust and confidence as well as facilitating its large number of employees across the country will certainly going to get Pakistan Railways lost glory and reputation back at the earliest for which a beginning has already been made in the right direction, please. Thanks. 


Lahore, March 19.