ISLAMABAD  : European Union states will organize an international European cultural festival ‘The Euro Village’ to celebrate ‘Europe Day’ tomorrow (April 6), EU envoy Jean Francois Cautain said on Thursday. Speaking at a news conference here along with the ambassadors and diplomats from the 17 EU-member states, Cautain said that the ‘The Euro Village’ had been successfully celebrated for two years. The European Union consists of 28 countries but only 17 are represented in Pakistan, said Ambassador Cautain.

Euro village is a day of music, European cuisine, games, and cultural exchange. Member states will set up food stalls and the European heritage. The visitors will have an opportunity to participate in games to win prizes.

Renowned singer Meesha Shaafi will perform with a world championship finalist DJ from Europe including Charlie Caper, Tereza, Balage band and Praktyczna Pani.  The “Euro village’ is an open event bringing European music, games and food to Islamabad. The festival would highlight the diverse cultures of the European Union member states through food, music and art performances.

The event would raise awareness about the different cultural traditions of EU member states and the European Union’s activities in Pakistan, the details released by the EU said.

The main objective is to promote the EU by introducing people to the Union’s culture and different traditions. There will be stalls of different European countries depicting their culture.

Ambassador Cautain said: “The Euro Village has been celebrated for two years now. This year too we want to celebrate it with enthusiasm.”  He appreciated the security situation in Pakistan. “The security situation has encouraged us to plan the celebrations. The festivities will be open for all. Everybody can take part in the events,” he said.

The envoy said the evening will end with live performances of European bands and an award winning European DJ. Pakistani artist Meesha Shafi will also perform as well as famous European illusionist Charlie Caper.

The member states also acknowledged the improvement of security situation in Pakistan which was allowing them to put on display their culture and celebrate with the Pakistanis. The German embassy has also planned a football competition to mark the event.

Ambassador Cautain said the Pakistanis will get a chance to see multiple displays of Europe as “culturally rich and friendly place.”

He said the EU member states’ will showcase the countries’ cultures and tradition, languages, food and music to Pakistan general public. “General information will also be provided. This would be a nice outing for the children too,” he added.