Almost eight decades ago, twenty-third of March 1940 was the day when the leaders of the Muslim league called upon a separate homeland. Pakistan did not come into being in the spur of a moment; in fact, it was an evolutionary process from time to time.

Upon independence, Pakistan was a dominion, it is important to note that 23 March 1956 was the day when Pakistan turned into the Islamic Republic. Therefore the day has utmost significance in our nation`s history. We have some important dates to note including 28th of January when Chaudhry Rehmat Ali devised the name, Pakistan. Similarly, 29th of December 1930 was the day when Allama Iqbal delivered the infamous Allahabad address.

A full-scale military parade takes place to mark our republic day. Presence of the president, Prime minister, foreign dignitaries, and civil-military stakeholder uplifts the significance of such a day. Pakistan not only means freedom and independence but it bears the Islamic Ideology, which has to be preserved and is a precious gift from Quaid-e-Azam

Muhammad Ali Jinnah.


Karachi, March 12.