Afghan Presidential Election


April 5, 2014, marks the day when Afghanistan conducted its first presidential election. It was a historic event in the country`s political history when Ashraf Ghani was elected as the president of Afghanistan through the ballot. Although the Taliban had warned the Afghan government of the repercussions of the election, they were a success. In a war-torn country like Afghanistan, a decent voter turnout was a success back in the day. International observers seemed satisfied despite irregularities and violent events across the country.

The day experienced massive security protocols. After 2001, it was probably the first time hundred percent mobilization of Afghan troops took place along with the deployment of US and NATO troops respectively. This particular election was quite significant as the United States was considering a withdrawal of US troops in the near future. World players in Afghanistan knew that such a withdrawal was only possible through political stability and elected Afghan leadership at the forefront of the Afghan peace process.

As of today, the United States along with other regional players is in negotiation with the Afghan Taliban for a peaceful solution. However, then elected president Ashraf Ghani has disapproved the Afghan peace process. He has repeatedly asked for discretionary powers in the peace process. The United States, on the other hand, is not ready to entertain the Afghan president.