Health is one of the greatest blessings of Allah the Almighty, sports, on the other hand, helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If we are willing to discuss the state of sports in Balochistan, we might as well ask the stakeholders about their obligations. They cannot even provide some of the very basic facilities.

When it comes to sports like football, cricket, hockey, and etcetera, Baloch players never get the opportunity to display their talent. We need to look at some facts, Quetta Gladiators who lifted the cup in the latest edition of PSL. However, the team comprises of the word “Quetta”, the capital of Balochistan. We did not see a single Baloch player performing from that team. It is my humble request to all the relevant stakeholders including PSL and PCB officials in particular to consider Baloch players for such events.


Balochistan, March 13.