Sewage issue in Nazimabad


Sir, through the column of your well-known newspaper, I would like to draw attention to the bad condition of the sewage system in our area. AT least 47,000 citizens residing in Nazimabad have been living in a miserable condition. The worse hit area is Chandni Chowk where “gutter” water has been overflowing to the Paposh Nagar Market.

The condition of the sewage system in our area is becoming poorer day by day. All the dirty water from sewage usually flows on to the roads which create more difficulties for both vehicles and pedestrians. There is a perpetual foul smell in the entire neighborhood and people are now beginning to fall sick because of these conditions.

The citizens have lodged numerous complaints with KWSB officials and concerned town management but the problem still persists. I hope you will look into the matter and will take action to precipitate the repair of the bad sewage condition.



Promotion of art


Art is an important part of every society and it is usually classified into two aspects.

First, it narrates the difficult messages through creativity without the use of any words.

Second, art depicts the culture of its society. In Pakistan from the last decade, the exposure of art among the youth has been very restricted. It is not because our youth are not creative enough but the main reason behind this is that they do not have the right platform to showcase their talent.

However, there is lots of creativity in the land of Pakistan but we just need to explore and promote it. The promotion of art should be appreciated at the government level, as they can provide platforms and guide youth on how to showcase their talent in a meaningful way.

Moreover, media can also play a vital role in the promotion of art in Pakistan, by magnifying the impact and role of art in society. Furthermore, Appraisal is important at the governmental level to all the artists who are currently working and those who contributed in past as well, as it will help the new artists to get awareness and motivation for their work.




Modern day marketing


Media is considered a glamorous career option that has managed to strongly attract the youth. But modern-day marketing is changing rapidly, and with all that glam, comes some identifiable challenges. One of the biggest challenges faced by media houses is acquiring the talent which understands and applies digital cognitive technology to its full potential.

It has now become indispensable to fill the gap between educational institutions and corporate organisations. Many of the media houses are now trying to cater to this problem by conducting short term training in Digital Marketing for their employees by themselves or through other cost-effective platforms, such as Digiskills, Coursera or Edex. It is strongly urged that aspiring marketers equip themselves with the skills required in the professional arena. This will help them outstand their counterparts and also improves the chances of landing a job in their desired field.




Educational institutions are closed


Worldwide, not only the essential commodities from one country to another but sometimes infectious diseases are transmitted from one place to another. Earlier in 2003, a large number of human deaths were reported in China due to a virus called a severe acute respiratory syndrome. The risk of infection depends on the severity of the virus. People in China are most at risk or those who have traveled to China and have been exposed to the virus. Unfortunately, Pakistan has cases of coronavirus in Karachi, Islamabad and elsewhere. Because of this all educational institutions are closed and student loss of their education and also the panic situation is created in Karachi.