The recent moves by the Punjab government have all but proven that the Prime Minister has chosen the right people to be at the helm in the province. Chief Minister Buzdar’s performance in particular, has stood out. From making key decisions, to visiting affected areas and generally being at the forefront of all anti-corona efforts, the CM has been proving his doubters wrong in this crisis. Unfair criticisms can now be put to rest, as it is clear that the Punjab government’s efforts in this pandemic have been fundamental in ensuring that the situation does not get out of hand in the province.

The latest in the series of steps taken by the provincial government to keep the economy running is the Punjab Rozgar Scheme, designed to encourage young entrepreneurs to start their own ventures as a means to boost their personal wealth and increase job opportunities in the province. The Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) has been provided the funds to take this initiative forward, which will require meticulous planning on their part.

In the current environment, encouraging younger sections of the population to take business risks might be more difficult than imagined. However, this does not mean that the government gives up; providing better incentives might mitigate this problem. With layoffs expected across all sectors, many young citizens will be forced to look for economic opportunities in both the employment sector and through setting up their own businesses. This is where the government is stepping in and providing support.

It is important to give credit where it’s due – the Punjab government is currently fighting the pandemic on all fronts; but it is these economic policies that are targeting all sections of the populace and all sectors of the economy that will help us ride this out in the months to come. With this new measure, the youth can potentially help us get back on our feet quicker than we thought possible.