The Rohingya refugee Muslim population is at the mercy of global leaders after the outbreak of the coronavirus across the globe. The Muslim community is taking refuge in camps outside Bangladesh. These is not the only displaced population that is threatened by this pandemic; migration camps all over Europe, especially Greece face a similar situation. People in these settlements are at huge risk of contracting the virus if swift action is not taken. Those not privileged enough to take care of themselves must be protected by world governments in order to ensure that people of the world remain protected and the infection is kept at bay.

Steps to help such refugee populations need to be devised so that each concerned government can take swift action to prevent the spread of the virus, particularly in an area that is not equipped to deal with such an outbreak. All international platforms and organisations need to be called upon to ask for aid along with using the opportunity to call upon those countries that house these refugees to be more vigilant with the refugee population. Services like make-shift hospitals, the provision of medical equipment and staff, along with the necessary medications should be made available in a timely fashion so that any risk can be reduced. At the same time, it is also very important to direct public office holders to the refugee problem, so that they get in touch with these populations and initiate awareness drives that can help them prevent the contraction of the virus by implementing steps such as social distancing.

It is important to not differentiate between people, especially during issues that affect all the countries of the globe. International leaders need to assess the situation and join efforts to ensure no one is left out from exercising the right to basic medical care during a pandemic.