United Kingdom Labour Party's elections have seen tremendous enthusiasm all over the country. In Coventry City, enthusiasm was also mobilized for the people to choose their own party leader. In this regard, Councilor Kamran Khan was very dynamic and campaigned not only for his candidate from house to house but also in favour of Deputy Leader Angela Rainer and Leader Mr Kerr Stammer, which created a new atmosphere and awareness in the Midlands. People were more interested in the election campaign.

Former members of the European Parliament Wajid Khan and Kamran Khan took part and worked day and night for their candidates to succeed. They said that their candidates were successful. Ex member of European Parliament Mr Wajid khan said Angela rayner will be an excellent deputy leader and will bring the party together and unite us to become a strong opposition and defeat the conservatives. With Angela's experience as an organiser, she will be an excellent campaigner for our party to win seats back across the country and help Labour form government. Kamran Asif Caan

Cabinet Member Health and Sport. Chair Of wellbeing board.

It is very important for our Country to have a quality person in this position. Angela is Somebody who not only thinks fairly about our society but is well aware of the contributions of all our communities regardless of cast and creed. I hope looking to the future we can support a better society of Inspiration something we can relate to great people like her.

The public is fully convinced of the success of their candidates and are satisfied for them to make future policies.