At least twelve more persons were killed during incidents of violence and firing while four markets were set on fire in Karachi, said police. Police sources said that in separate incidents of target killing by unidentified men 12 persons have been killed yet in areas Korangi, Liaqat Abad, Samnabad, Pir Abad, Baloch Colony, Resala, Pak Colony and Johar More. However, in separate incidents of burning several markets, unknown persons have torched 12 shops of clothes and carpets located at the first floor of Iram Shopping Centre in Buffer Zone, in Papu Shanger 2 cloth markets and dozens of other shops were set on fire, on the other hand 19 shops of furniture market near PIDC have also been set on fire. In Liaqat Abad area Container Trailer, 1 hotel including 3 shops in Buffer Zone area and dozens of vendors and stalls have been set on fire near Meteorological Department. It has learnt that the situation is still tense in Qasba Colony, Ali Garh Colony, Bukhari Colony and Kati Pehari. These areas are representing a picture of battle grounds. Exchange of firing on both sides are still continuing, therefore, locals have been facing severe problems in these areas as they are confined to their own homes and food items and water also been finished. Meanwhile, MQM Rabta Committee has requested to the public to remain cool and patient by keeping their feelings and emotions in control.