The headlines in todays newspapers says Cameron stands by terror remarks.... But by doing so, he is demonstrating his ignorance with regard to Pakistani people. Mr Camerons remarks were, perhaps, reflective of the bitter and inconvenient reality he faces at home. Recently, the Duchess of York accepted a bribe of $40 thousand cash in a laptop case. She was stung by an undercover journalist from News of The World, a tabloid newspaper. The fact that she had accepted a bribe with the intent of soliciting influence of her former husband, The Duke of York, who is noted for voluntary public service. ( Then, the Deputy Chancellor of Exchequer, David Laws, resigned over impropriety regarding his expense claims as a Member of Parliament. His claims related to attempts to disguise his gay partners expenses as those of his own as a Member of Parliament. Prime Minister Camerons homily on Islamabads involvement in terrorism showed he did not realize how critical a role is being played by the people and government of Pakistan in protecting UKs diplomatic interests in the war on terror. Pakistanis are dying in support of British and US forces. Mr Cameron dismissed out of hand and for good all efforts done by Pakistan over the last decade. He just blithely poked us in the eye and is now digging heels on the issue even in the face of widespread public criticism both at home and abroad. As far as we are concerned, he has sold the British integrity the same way Duchess of York or his former Deputy Chancellor of Exchequer didfor marginal pecuniary advantage. The whole Pakistani nation is shocked by the confusing signals we are receiving from the West. Just a few weeks ago, US Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton had applauded the persistent support and sacrifices provided to the war on terror by Pakistan just a fortnight ago. This week, the British Prime Minister Cameron went to India and denigrated our role for the sake of, what appears to be, a small commercial gain. We stand perplexed about the future of our commitment to this diplomatic relationship because the West is seemingly being led by a short-sighted, venal and immature leader. -NAJEEB HASSAN, via email, August 4.