This is regarding an article in a newspaper on July 30, 2010 in which the writer, an ex-Army officer and renowned analyst, has criticized the Army for status quo policies that is indicative of a lack of will to change the mindset. The writer has mentioned Islamic injunctions and also referred to the Caliphate era wherein the provision of food, justice, livelihood and education were pillars of the state. The writer, however, tends to forget that the Army is not a state in itself and, therefore, delivery of all these functions does not fall under its ambit. It is an open secret that Pakistan Army has been forced time and again to respond to situations that affect national security be it the natural calamities, rebuilding of infrastructure or the fight against anti-state elements. While doing so, it continues to give matchless sacrifices to rid us of threats against our security and integrity. When it comes to nation-building, even the writer agrees that it is not the basic task of Army and certainly not a responsibility of the Army alone. Every individual Pakistani has to contribute towards it. Our officers and men wherever they have represented their country, have been praised for their professionalism whether in professional courses or deployments. They have left a positive mark and are placed higher than others in honour boards. I disagree with the writers analysis about limitation on the Army minds as after such vast and varied exposure to different security environments, long experience of facing difficult situations, interaction on intellectual forums both in and outside Pakistan and liaison with foreign military elite and troops in exercises broadens the horizon of Army mind. To say that it is limited would be unjustified. -SOHAIL KHALID BUTT, Islamabad, August 3.