LAHORE The speakers at Hamdard Thinkers Forum on Wednesday said that situation in Balochistan was getting worse day by day and the government realising the facts should initiate dialogues with the real representatives of the province. This was stated by MNA Bushra Rehman, Prof Dr Rafique Ahmed, Maj (r) Muhammad Younas and other speakers while expressing their views at a discussion titled 'Present Situation of Balochistan at the Hamdard Hall here on Wednesday. The speakers said that the government was not realising the fact that our neighbouring countries were using Baloch youth against the country. They said that unemployment and poverty were the major problems of the province that were being exploited by the state enemies. They said that Bugti and other major tribes never denied the concept of federation, but there was a need of initiating dialogue with them to get the things under control. They added that the government should address the economic problems of Balochistan and give it its royalty. They said that the province had rich resources and an important geographical location and its people loved Pakistan like people of other provinces.