KARACHI - Pakistan High Commission in Malaysia anticipates proposals from KCCI to multiply the Pak-Malaysia bilateral trade prospects, Masood Khalid, Pakistan High Commissioner designate to Malaysia said. In a meeting held at Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, High Commissioner designate to Malaysia urged KCCI to maintain active liaison with their Malaysian counterparts to effectively utilize the FTA between both countries so that the trade imbalance will be narrowed down for the favour of Pakistan. Masood stated that Pak and Malaysia are maintaining the first FTA between Islamic countries who are the members of OIC. He underscored the need of better trade relations which actually lead to enhanced political relationship. He focused on the cultural diplomacy and role of private sector to shun the negative perception of Pakistan abroad highlighting the success stories and strength of the nation which cannot be accomplished without the help of private sector. Masood underlined the brotherly and friendly relationship between two countries and said that diplomatic relations are deep-rooted and Malaysia is a huge market for Pakistan as a great number of its population belongs to mediocre class. He highlighted the essentiality of trade of agro-based products with Malaysia which is being imported from ASEAN countries to fulfil the national need. He informed about great scope of Halal meat and food processing sector. Confectionary, rice, cereals, porridges, citrus fruits and vegetables, spices, dairy and textile items can easily penetrate in the Malaysian market, he opined. Masood said that the Pak trade may achieve its desired target with effective coordination between business community of two countries as the Governments are the only facilitators. He invited KCCI delegation to visit Malaysia to meet their counterparts and ensured support accordingly. He opined that the negative perception of Pakistan can only be eliminated while frequent exchange of trade delegation between two countries. Abdul Majid, President KCCI, ensured Masood Khalid all out support and informed that KCCI members are maintaining goods business relations with their Malaysian counterparts. To overcome the trade imbalance, Abdul Majid, categorically stated that it will only be achieved by declaring all types of Rice (Basmati, non-basmati, parboiled, white rice) as major item versus Palm Oil in Pak-Malaysia FTA - Free Trade Agreement. presently the balance of trade is in favour of Malaysia which needs to be abridged while increasing the rice export. Abdul Majid asserted that Pakistan High Commission at Malaysia should play its vital role to convince both governments to increase the quota of all types of rice to Malaysia in view of its demand that Malaysia is importing from ASEAN countries and India. Pakistan can provide quality-rice on low cost to Malaysia which is imported on higher cost from ASEAN countries, Majid added. He informed that major exports from Pakistan to Malaysia were rice, cotton yarn, fabrics, other textile made-ups, fish and other aquatic invertebrate, articles of leather etc. whereas the major imports from Malaysia to Pakistan were pal oil, animal and vegetable fats; plastics articles; organic chemicals; rubber articles; chemical products; computers, wood articles, compressor used non CFC gas; cellular mobile phone with battery; etc.