Britains new Prime Minister David Cameron needs a crash course in diplomacy. Not only have his statement on Pakistans export of terror caused great outrage here but his remarks have bitten all the more for the place he chose to make that utterancePakistans arch enemy India. This is akin to a US President slamming Turkey standing at the Parthenon in Athens. No wonder Pakistani people and leaders are so incensed. Yet, instead of apologizing for this diplomatic faux pas, Mr Cameron insists that he was merely saying it like it is. He has, however, slightly finessed his stand saying his message was not meant to implicate the Pakistan leadership. But if you consider what his original quote wasIslamabad cannot look both wayshis new position is a bit of a stretch. But if we were to suppose for a moment that his harsh rhetoric was not directed at the government, Britain itself is just as much an exporter of terrorism as Pakistan is. Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh who was arrested by Pakistani police on February 12, 2002 in Lahore and was later sentenced to death on July 15, 2002 for kidnapping and killing American journalist Daniel Pearl was a British national who grew up in London. Richard Reidthe so-called 'Shoe Bomberwas London-born and a Brit, through and through. Likewise, the suicide bombers who attacked Londons transport system five years ago were Britons angered by their countrys invasions of Muslim nations. Too bad Pakistani leadership has no spine or self-respect otherwise Mr Zardari should have cancelled the visit to Britain. But why would he do that if he had business deals to make for himself and not for Pakistan? -S. MEHMOOD, Lahore, August 4.