LAHORE - Millions of rupees have been allegedly embezzled by the Tax Collection Inspectors of Public Facility Department of City District Government through bogus entries of tax amounts collect-ed from parking stands, the sources informed The Nation on Wednesday. The sources said these officials deputed for tax collection from the contractors of parking lots in the City and bound to register this amount in the record books on daily as well as monthly basis. However these officials are filling the record registers with false entries of collected amounts and are preparing fake daily reports about collections. They have misappropriated a huge amount from the taxes and caused loss of millions of rupees to the exchequer of the CDG so far. Moreover these tax collection inspectors have also established dozens of illegal parking lots in different commercial areas of the City for minting money. In this regard they have recruited a number of their subordinates for collecting money from the commuters, the sources added. The sources said such officials also are issuing fake stamp parking tickets to the commuters and motorcyclists, which is also a criminal act and a sheer violation of bylaws of CDG as well. Earlier, the CDG authorities had dismissed a number of Tax Collection Officials from their services by holding enquiries against their misappr-opriations and for establishing parking stands unlawfully. The accused officials who were found involved in fake entries of taxes, collected from CDGs approved parking lots embezzled about Rs140 million from bogus entries in the record registers, sources add-ed. They were also involved in establishing a number of illegal parking stands in various areas of the City including some parking lots established in important commercial areas, which were neither registered in the record of Public Facility Department nor were auctioned by CDG authorities as well. However, practice of such illegal activities of fake entries and establishment of unap-proved parking lots continued by the successor officials who were being appointed on the same posts after their dismissals, which is unche-cked by the higher authorities and the officials are getting monetary benefit from these unlawfully established parking lots and through fake entries. When contacted, the newly-posted District Officer Chaudhry Abdul Shakoor said the process of replacing officials is continued in the depa-rtment to improve the performance of the officials as well as monitoring system for checking misappropriations in the tax collections and other funds. He said the department is keenly monitoring activities of the officials of the department such as tax collection system, fake entries of taxes and unlawfully established parking lots and those found involved in such illegal practice would be dealt with iron hands.