LAHORE The City District Government Lahore will provide sugar imported by Trading Corporation of Pakistan for sale at 21 Ramazan Bazaars and around 1,064 identified fair price shops across the City during the holy month of fasting, officials told The Nation on Wednesday. The sugar will be transported from the TCP godowns at Port Qasim to the City and will be handed over to the selected dealers for further delivery at Ramazan Bazaars and fair price shops in the City. The CDGL will provide sugar in 50-kilogram bags to the selected dealers at Rs 59 per kg. The dealers will pack the sugar in 1 kg bags, which will be sold at Rs 61 per kg at Ramazan Bazaars and fair price shops. The sugar costs Rs 56 per kg to the TCP at Port Qasim. After incorporating transportation and handling cost, the government will provide sugar to the dealers at Rs 59 per kg. The dealers are responsible for packing sugar in 1 kg bags for the convenience of consumers. The retail price of sugar will be Rs 61 per kg at Sunday Bazaars and fair price shops, said a CDGL official, adding that as many as 46,000 bags, each containing 50 kg sugar, would be provided for sale at subsidised prices at Sunday Bazaars and fair price shops. He expressed hope that the available sugar would be sufficient to meet the requirements of Ramazan Bazaars and fair price shops during the holy month. He further said that the government had also made alternative arrangements if the imported sugar failed to fulfil demand at Sunday Bazaars. The government has made arrangements to get sugar from millers at Rs 65 per kg. The same will be sold at Sunday Bazaars at Rs 61 per kg as the Punjab government will provide subsidy, he said. The consumers prefer local sugar and generally its price is Rs higher by Rs 2-3 than the imported sugar. Presently, ex-mill price of sugar is Rs 68 per kg and it is being sold in the market at Rs 72 per kg. The price is continuously on the rise since the first week of June. On June 5, its ex-mill price was Rs 57.20 per kg which rose to Rs 62 per kg within one week. The price is likely to rise further with the sudden increase in demand during Ramazan and on the eve of Eidul Fitr. Holding government responsible for the recent surge in the price of sugar, President Lahore Sugar Dealers Association Asghar Butt said that half of the sugar mills in the country were owned by parliamentarians from the treasury or opposition and their relatives and influential people. He said that the govt succumbed to the pressure of influential millers who fix the price at their own without considering plight of the consumers.