NEW DELHI (AFP) Violent protests in Kashmir have forced the suspension of train services and fuel supplies to the Muslim-majority region, officials said Wednesday. Anand Sharma, president of the Jammu and Kashmir Tankers Association, which supplies 2.4 million litres of petroleum every day to the valley, said tanker convoys had been halted since Monday. Sharma said the disrupted supplies included those meant for the Indian army along the heavily militarised border with Pakistan. At the same time, Indian Railways said it had suspended services in Kashmir that were hailed at their launch two years ago as a symbol of peace and prosperity in the region. Meanwhile, the Indian government condemned Wednesday mindless violence in Kashmir and warned it would lead to only more fatalities following the deaths of more than 40 people in the past two months. Mindless violence and destruction of public property will not lead to any solution, Home Minister P Chidambaram said in parliament. On the contrary, they will result in the loss of lives and injuries to the protesters - an outcome that is entirely avoidable, he said. Chidambaram insisted that the security forces had exercised commendable restraint despite coming under repeated attacks from stone-throwing protesters that he said had resulted in more than 1,260 injuries in the past two months. He also appealed directly to the parents of the protesters to prevent their children defying curfews and joining the daily demonstrations.