KARACHI - The Karachi shares market closed almost flat on Wednesday in thin trade as investors stayed on the sidelines following clashes in the countrys financial hub that killed at least 62 people since Monday. The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) benchmark 100-share index ended 0.02 percent, or 1.63 points, higher at 10,390.27 on turnover of 72.55 million shares. Investors were cautious amid continued instability in the city. The KSE 100-share index, which opened in the green zone with a gain of 41.23 points, closed at 10390.27 with a gain of 1.63 points. The KSE 30-index closed at 10367.36 with a gain of 23.60 points. The KMI 30-index closed at 15821.61 with a gain of 42.10 points. All shares index closed at 7265.33 with a gain of 1.07 points. Trading activity was better as compared to the last trading session as the ready market volume stood at 72.553 million as compared to last trading sessions 45.731 million. Future market volume however stood at 1.744 million shares as compared to 1.071 million shares of last trading session. Market capitalization stood over Rs2.915tr. Total trades increased to 53,651.As many as 169 companies advanced, 189 declined and 29 remained unchanged. Highest volumes were witnessed in AHSL at 9.532 million, closed at Rs34.60 with a gain of Rs1.56, followed by JSCL at 5.153 million, closed at Rs13.54 with a gain of Re0.20, and DGKC at 4.326 million, closed at Rs27.35 with a gain of Re0.25. Analyst Hasnain Asghar Ali at Aziz Fidahusein said, Leading E&P, & banking stocks kept the momentum alive. Although the locals stayed cautious initially, foreign buying mainly in the stocks with large free float however kept the resident participants active, besides the stocks inviting foreign interest local activity was witnessed in selected textile and investment (securities) companies stocks and mainly those inviting interest from the sponsors thereby, besides allowing day traders short term trading activity volatility in the stocks kept the turnover ticking, despite concerns regarding law & order situation. Post midday stagnation however did invite off-loading by the day traders, thus forcing the benchmark to wipe off substantial gains registered early during the session; accumulation on dips however restricted any major decline. With economic issues carrying potential threat in case of further aggravation and delay in execution of governments plan to address, rising circular debt, currency weakness, growing inflation and domestic interest rate, along with repercussions of the flooding, wherein positive impact leading to a high demand of cement in case of infrastructure build-up, is less as compared to negative implication, that is likely to further increase fiscal deficit thus indicating a further liquidity crunch, only hope for the local participants, is timely introduction of ready board leverage, while post result selling is likely to invite adjustment in case update on product implementation or otherwise stays restricted to the privileged. Caution therefore stays the call, dips in the stocks having renewed buying interest by the off -shore participants, having potential of improving its multiples with the introduction of MTS along with the stocks offering consistent dividend yields, can be accumulated both for trading and placements, while stocks trading at higher multiples can be sold, as a hedge against the purchases and even otherwise, for partial recovery in case of dips.