KARACHI MQM Coordination Committee Wednesday strongly condemned the alleged biased role played by the Rangers and police in providing protection to the citizens. Addressing a hurriedly called news briefing at Khursheed Memorial Hall, MQM Coordination Committee member and Information Cell In-charge Wasey Jalil alleged that the law-enforcing agencies had done nothing so far to rescue the besieged people of Qasba Colony and Kati Pahari despite a number of requests made by the MQM leadership and the local residents. He alleged that the culprits belonging to the ANP attacked the neighbourhood having overwhelming majority of the Urdu-speaking residents, which included Qasba Colony, Kati Pahari, Saleemabad, Peerabad and other areas while using sophisticated weapons. They also torched houses and shops but the law-enforcers remained silent spectators, he added. He went on to say several MQM workers had been killed and injured by the terrorists, as dozens of MQM activists and sympathisers had been admitted to the Qatar and Abbasi Shaheed hospitals. He thanked the political, religious and nationalist parties for offering condolence to the MQM leadership on the assassination of MPA Raza Haider.