ISLAMABAD Brussels, NATO headquarters, has set up a new division within the western military alliance to tackle non-traditional risks and challenges including terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, cyber defence and energy security. Well-placed diplomatic sources informed TheNation on Wednesday the new division Emerging Security Challenges Division (ESCD) within the NATO international staff started its work beginning of August. Sources said that the new division would also provide NATO with a Strategic Analysis Capability to monitor and anticipate international developments that could affect security of the NATO member countries. According to the informed sources, the ESCD would bring together various strands of expertise already existing in different parts of NATO Headquarters, and merging this work into one Division will give it a greater focus and visibility. They were of the view that creation of the ESCD reflected the determination of NATO to tackle the emerging non-traditional security challenges confronting the military alliance. Analysts say with the creation of ESCD, NATO would concentrate on maritime defence far beyond its traditional role.