While Pakistan Army is proving to be the one and only bulwark against the storms unleashed in the country, analyst Ayaz Amirs article against the Army appears to be the unkindest cut of all. Mr Amir thinks the Army needs to change its mindset when the nation has reoriented its priorities and wishes to reach the destination founding fathers had envisioned for it. One wouldnt grudge him his dreams but other than taking a dig at the institution itself, he fails totally in recommending the ways and means through which the Army should supposedly embark upon the noble endeavour. Mr Amirs recommendations on the prioritiesfocus on national energy; shrinking frontiers of hypocrisy, tempering the tyranny of loudspeaker, reconstructing the textbooks, ending the multiple education system and distilling one interpretation of Islam based on glorious principles of governance laid down by the great Caliphsare all sound. One couldnt agree with him more. But these areas dont fall in domain of the Army and how would a change of heart and empowering imagination of the Army facilitate realization of these dreams remains unexplained even as one reaches the end of his line. Mr Ayaz Amirs ramblings may have vented his frustrations a bit but he leaves the reader confused and directionless. Being an old soldier myself, I know that Pakistan Army has remained and still is a bastion of progressive ideals. But the 'nation-building that he is asking it to do is the prerogative of civil institutions. Whenever it is called upon to contribute to it, the Army would surely acquit itself with honour, grit and perseverance, as it has done in the past. On that account Mr Ayaz Amir should be rest assured. -COLONEL (Rtd) SHAHNAWAZ KHAN, Islamabad, August 3.