PAKISTAN has been facing the destructive schemes of the Indo-US nexus for some time now and it has been evident that the US will do whatever it can to push forward the Indian agenda against Pakistan. At the same time, one has also seen the UN and the office of the Secretary General increasingly becoming a tool to further US agendas and the choice of the present Secretary General was an effort to place someone who would fall in line with US demands. Coming from long-time US ally South Korea, Ban Ki-moon was this choice. However, Pakistan could not have anticipated the extent to which India and the US could manipulate the UNSG on Kashmir, given how the issue is part of the UNSC agenda and there are clear resolutions of the Security Council calling for a plebiscite in Kashmir. Yet the SG has done something so unethical under Indian pressure that it totally destroys the credibility of his office. As the indigenous uprising in Occupied Kashmir is fast spiralling out of Indias control and is resulting in a rising rate of killings of innocent Kashmiris at the hands of the Indian security apparatus, the Indian puppet regime may well have to succumb before Governors rule. With even US Congressmen now raising the issue of Kashmir and the need for its resolution, Pakistan had welcomed the UN SG calling on India for restraint in the Occupied part of the State of Jammu and Kashmir as well as voicing concern over the whole situation and asking for a revival of the composite dialogue between Pakistan and India. Now, a week later, after protests from India and undoubtedly pressure from the US, the UNSG has done something unprecedented - he has disowned these remarks, which had been officially issued by his spokesman, not just casually or informally uttered. Now the UNSGs spokesman has declared that the remarks were not those of the SG but a guidance prepared by the UN Secretariat - a guidance for what or whom? The absurdity of this has not been lost on anyone. Even if the UN Secretariat was issuing a guidance, it could not be done without the approval of the SG In any case, all the remarks did was to express concern over violence and killings of innocent civilians in an occupied territory and call for resumption of a dialogue between two antagonists. Why was there a need to disown these remarks? The Kashmiris have shown the world that generation after generation of them will resist Indian occupation. It is time for the international community to implement its commitment for a plebiscite as reflected in the UNSC resolutions and Indians own commitment before the UN. For a brief moment, Indian Congress Party leader Sonia Gandhi seemed to have recognised the need for resolving the Kashmir issue through dialogue amongst all three parties to the dispute. But this was short lived as she shifted back to the Indian rant of demanding Pakistan do more on Mumbai. However, to have the UNSG give in so shamelessly to Indian pressure is a major setback for the credibility of the UN and the office of the SG.